"Finally, with your help he interpreted my message the way I meant it! He finally understood something I had been trying to tell him for days now. I got a response back that was more like what I expect from him in terms of connection. It is a massive weight off of my shoulders and his to be bridging the gap. 

I'm glad I read your work before he and I did any irreparable harm to our relationship. Your information definitely changes his perception of me. I didn't have to change myself at all but a small shift in how I conveyed myself to him made a world of difference in his understanding." 

-Samantha O.

"This has been a huge eye opener for me. I have always had trouble keeping a good man in my life. Things would be going great in our relationship and then all of the sudden he would become distant.  Eventually he would even stop calling. I had no idea what I was doing wrong. After reading this material, I met a wonderful man. I have applied everything that I learned and things are absolutely wonderful! This relationship is very different than any that I have had before. He truly adores me for me! My friends and family have even noticed a change in me. This has absolutely changed my life!!!! Thank you so much!"


*Video testimonial by Lucy

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