Friday, 3 August 2012

Tips On What Attracts Men You Can Use Today

In this article, I'm going to share with you about tips on what attracts men you can use today. Women always worried about how to attracts a man that she like and worried about the rejection when she want to approach that 'perfect man'. From my experiences, I'd found a very interesting guy next to my office and I'd fell in love with him. So we went on date and making a good relationship together. Suddenly, after a few months later, he changed. He starting to ignore me and even not picked up my calls. At last, he broke me up and stay away from me. I felt bad. Real bad. I'd nearly want to commit suicide.

Luckily, I found an interesting article about How to Attracts Men and I want to share a few steps with every woman out there that has a same situation with me. For your information, most of men have same taste on women. Some men like you at your appearance, but they lost interest towards us after we fall in love. This always happens because we aren't attracts them after we are in a relationship. Now, I want to share with you on how I found the another guy that I like and with this simple steps, I'm became a magnet towards him and our relationship last long until today.

First, we must take a good care of our hair. Most men like a woman with smooth and shiny hair. Hence, regularly trim and use a good shampoo to keep our hair beautiful. Apply the hair vitamins if necessary and going to hair salon occasionally to make your hair beautiful. Hair is our crown remember. Attracts men with our excellence hair.

Secondly, get you body fit. If you want your men like you more, you must reconsider your fit body. Get outside and exercise regularly, at least 3 times a week. When your body fit, you always being in a pink colour of health. Don't always think about being only a skinnier person, men also like women with curves at a right place. You can refer to THIS Website to get yourself fit.

Lastly in this articles, I want to advise you on your appearances and femininity. A girls that attracts men more is the one who is wearing a simple dress but look femininity, with a simple make up with a red lipstick. You can choose a combination of tight jeans and a simple form-fitting top that can make men can't take his eyes of you. You can also trying a slightly sheer shirt or a little cleavage. For more information about your dress, find the best dress in this BLOG that possibly can help you.

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